[XeTeX] Tamil Unicode fonts (bold, italic) for XeLaTeX

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 22:01:32 CEST 2015


this is not a solution, good fonts will be better but you can at least
use font transformations, see section 9.13 in the fontspec manual
(type texdoc fontspec).
Zdeněk Wagner

2015-07-18 17:13 GMT+02:00 P. P. Narayanaswami <swami at mun.ca>:
> I want to type Tamil text in Ubuntu 14.04, with  TeXLive 2014.
> The Lohit Tamil font that comes with the Ubuntu is good normal font.
> But since I cannot use font shape commands like \textbf, \slshape, etc
> with this font in XeLaTeX, I need good bold and italic Tamil fonts to match
> Lohit Tamil fonts. Also some fonts do not have the proper glyphs for "shrI",
> "kSha" and  "sha" in Tamil.
> Can anyone, who is using XeLaTeX in Tamil, suggest three good matching Tamil
> fonts, normal, bold, and italic shapes that also contain the glyphs "shrI",
> "kSha, and "sha" to be used in the same document along with English (also bold,
> italic and normal)?  Thanks in advance.
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