[XeTeX] Bug in xetex?

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at fu-berlin.de
Thu Feb 19 17:09:08 CET 2015

> Well, it is a bit early to claim a xetex bug. You are using a quite
> complicated package which beside others loads specific drivers for
> xetex (xetex.def, pgfsys-xetex.def, pgfsys-dvipdfmx.def). 

OK. Thanks! So, what can I do? Whom should I ask for help. It works with
pdflatex but does not with xelatex. I thought that this shows that there
must be something wrong with xelatex.

> Beside this: You should simplify your example. It is in no way a
> "minimal" example. 
>> \label{anal-er-die-frau-nackt-sieht}
> And you should perhaps check the names of your labels before you
> send them in the wild. 

Ups. I always use anal as an abbreviation for analysis and the text is
about depictive secondary predicates. The he the woman naked sees is the
standard example from the eighties. I changed it for obvious reasons,
but the label stayed there. Interesting that it survived the editings on
stack exchange ...

Sorry for this.

Best wishes


PS: Maybe I should shorten my abbreviation for analysis by one letter ...


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