[XeTeX] arabic diacritics breaking words in Linux xelatex

Kamal Abdali k.abdali at acm.org
Fri Feb 13 05:04:21 CET 2015

Normally any letter that gets joined to the next letter in a word does so
whether or not it bears a diacritic. But Tex Live 2013 on SUSE Linux is
causing such a letter to be printed in its independent rather than
connected form when there is a diacritic on it. This is my first attempt to
use xetex on a Linux machine to process a document in the Arabic script. I
have never seen such an error on Windows or MacOS.

If this forum is not the right place to report the problem, perhaps some
member can kindly direct me to the proper place. An example is the







قلم قَلَم قلَم قندیل قِندِیل قلوب قُلُوب قُلوب

The TeX output is equivalent to:
قلم  قَ لَ م   قلَ م  قندیل  قِ ندِیل  قلوب  قُ لُ وب  قُ لوب

Kamal Abdali
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