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I am wondering if anyone has any experience with using bigfoot with Hebrew.

(1) In an english document I can have many levels of footnotes, I can label
the footnotes in the standard way, and reference them both in the main text
and footnotes.

However, in a Hebrew document, the footnotes references (whether in the
main text or referred to in a footnote) seem to always refer to the last
footnote number. Especially where we use "alh", i.e. the footnote number is
in the Hebrew alphabet.


An example is provided below where




are all typeset as (ג) -- i.e. as the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

(2) I also note that the apparatus


prints in a right to left order, rather than a left to right order.

What I am hoping to have is three levels of footnotes, each with a
different marker (e.g. alph, arabic, roman) so that they are easily

I imagine that I am not using polyglossia or bigfoot properly.  Any help
would be appreciated.

If there is an alternative package that works with polyglossia/Hebrew that
would also be appreciated.


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