[XeTeX] not enough \XeTeXcharclass registers

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Dec 13 08:33:06 CET 2015

Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> I'm updating the `ucharclasses.sty' to completely cover Unicode.  This
> style file maps Unicode character blocks to character classes, and
> I've hit the 256 entry limit of \XeTeXcharclass...
> Any chance to extend it to 16 bits?

16 bits, Sir ?  What do you think this is, the 21st century ?  8 bits
(and at most five computers [1]) are more than enough for this world,
and will be for a very long time ...

** Phil.
[1] Variously attributed to T J Watson, Douglas Hartree & Howard Aiken.

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