[XeTeX] datetime2 package and XeTeX

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Fri Apr 3 13:56:21 CEST 2015

On Fri, Apr 03, 2015 at 09:01:13AM +0800, Daniel Greenhoe wrote:
> The new datetime2 package has been released. It supports time stamps
> that include time zones and seconds:
>   http://www.ctan.org/pkg/datetime2
> However, the package documentation states that this information is not
> available from XeTeX (see page 5 of version 1.00 documentation):
>   "...unless you are using XELATEX in which case the seconds and time
> zone are omitted. (XELATEX doesn’t provide this information.)"
> Is there any consideration of, at some point, modifying XeTeX such
> that it does provide time zone and seconds information?

I’ve no immediate plans for this myself, but patches are welcomed.


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