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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
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Hi Francois,

On 12/09/2014, at 7:39 AM, François Patte wrote:

> I wanted to get rid of these "one inch" to provide the publisher a
> "camera ready" file and the way I did was an easy way to give a
> centered text with the text width and height given by the publisher...

Then the way to do this in TeX is *not* with a single TeX run.
Typeset your book using LaTeX, using the publisher supplied dimensions
for the page content.

The run a 2nd (La)TeX job that simply includes the pages of your
typeset book, as if images.
The  pdfpages.sty  package is very good for this. 
You lose annotations this way; but it is for printing, isn't it?

In that 2nd job you can reorder and reposition your included pages 
in whatever way you like; face-to-face for 2-up, another facing pair
upside down for 4-up folding to create a booklet,  whatever ...

Centering this is fine, so adjusting \hoffset and \voffset is OK
as it cannot affect the details contained in the pages of your book.

Changing those global settings is very risky when you are using
packages that manipulate raw PDF structures and coordinates, 
as does  tikz  via  pgfgraphics.
It makes good sense to me that different typesetting engines might 
well give you different results, as each has had to find its own 
way to implement how raw PDF graphics streams need to be handled.

So, I'd have to disagree with Ulrike that it is necessarily a  tikz
bug. I'd say that if you want to employ such effects, then beware
of how you are interacting with the graphics environments that
your ultimate PDF engine needs to work within.

There may not be any documentation to help you, so encapsulate
your tasks better to eliminate any unwanted effects.

> When I have done this, it was the first edition of the latex companion
> and in the second edition, the offset commands are still there!
> - -- 
> François Patte

Hope this helps,


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