[XeTeX] font license

Stefan Solbrig stefan.solbrig at ur.de
Wed Sep 3 23:25:01 CEST 2014

> 2014-09-03 22:46 GMT+02:00 Lorna Evans <lorna_evans at sil.org>:
>> It came from the Nikosh.ttf file. I have Microsoft Font Properties  
>> Extension
>> installed and with that installed I can right click on a .ttf and  
>> select
>> "Properties" and it gives me a whole range of tabs full of info  
>> that were
>> not available without the extension. I don't know how you would  
>> find this
>> info on other Operating Systems.
> Maybe fontforge?

Yes, fontforge can do this.
Open the font file with fontforge,
then select "Elements"->"Font info".

(As a quick hack, if you don't want to install fontforge,
the License is usually also contained as an utf-8 string. So just  
doing a dump e.g. with:
    hexdump -C path/to/font/file  | less
or using a hex capable edtior:
    vim -b  path/to/font/file
will make it easy to find the license (usually at the beginning if the  
font file.
It might also be stored as an utf-16 string, which makes it a bit  
harder to read.
This is really just a hack.)


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