[XeTeX] [texworks] Alternative location for output PDF files (and, ideally, all non-source files)

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Fri Oct 31 01:26:49 CET 2014

Dear Philip,

> This does indeed work as hoped, but it introduces two new problems, one 
> of which I have solved (TeX no longer finds the generated auxiliary 
> files -- solution :  add parent directory of output directory and all 
> sub-directories thereof to TEXINPUTS.xetex in "texmf.cnf")

If an output directory is defined by a user, the TeX library
first searches for files to read in the output directory.
Therefore files such as foo.aux should be read successfully
with the default TEXINPUTS.xetex etc.
In fact, it is working like this here.
Please try once more with the default TEXINPUTS.xetex.


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