[XeTeX] [tex-hyphen] Help with UTF-8 Language

"Jörg Knappen" jknappen at web.de
Fri Oct 10 09:29:17 CEST 2014

Phil Taylor wrote:

>> No, the patterns should work just fine with a large alphabet.

> This part I do not understand, Mojca; surely the patterns /define/ the
> size of the alphabet, do they not ? If letter <xqqyn> is not in the
> patterns, then TeX cannot hyphenate a word containing letter <xqqyn>,
> can it ?
TeX can hyphenate such a word, depending on the patterns available. E.g.,
given the pattern a1 (There is always a good break point after the letter a)
it will happily hyphenate the a word containing the sequence a<xqqyn>.

--Jörg Knappen

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