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2014-10-21 5:15 GMT+02:00 Paul Rankin <hello at paulwrankin.com>:
> Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com>
> writes:
>> I do not have time to give you a solution but I can just assist you in
>> looking at the right direction. This is a task for marks. Your
>> environment should set the mark either by \markright or by \markboth.
>> Next you have to modify the definition of the page style so that the
>> marks are used. I am not sure whether LaTeX macros can directly be
>> used, maybe you would have to use directly plain TeX \topmark or
>> \botmark or \firstmark. \markboth and \markright put two texts to a
>> single mark, you can use \@firstoftwo and \@secondoftwo (I hope I
>> remember the names well) for extraction of the required text.
> Will this approach put the "CHARACTER (CONT'D)" string in the header?
> I've looked into this before but a caveat I guess is that it cannot be a
> header (there will be other variable information in the header).
It will put there whatever you define. Look at the standard book
class. \chapter contains (inside its expansion) \thispagestyle{plain}
while the whole book uses \pagestyle{headings} The idea is to define a
page style for the first slide, another style for other slides and (if
needed) a style for the last slide. The environment will use
\markright or \markboth to set the slide name. At the beginning the
envirnoment will say:


At the end (if needed) the environment should insert

You can either rad how to define the page style in the raw way or you
can use a higher level package such as fancyheadings. No other package
is needed.

I like what Ada Adelaida Contess of Lovelace said:
It [Babbage's analytical engine] has no pretentions to originate
anything but it can do whatever you know how to order it.

> However, I found the following on Stack Exchange, which approximates
> what I'm after, but I'm not sure how to augment it for my purposes:
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/63847/64528
> Any pointers would be much appreciated.
> I'd really like to read some good documentation on such TeX packages,
> but all I've found so far are either introductions to writing documents,
> which treats TeX like a markup language, or or the rather dense
> documentaion on the individual packages, which treat TeX like a
> programming language -- nothing to really explain how one bridges to the
> other.
> Thanks for your time.
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