[XeTeX] New version of xetex

Stefan Solbrig stefan.solbrig at ur.de
Mon Jul 28 10:53:46 CEST 2014

>> That is reasonable.  I will follow your suggestion. Something like  
>> this?
>> \edef\XeTeXVersionNumber{{\expandafter\@gobble\XeTeXrevision}
>> \ifnum\XeTeXVersionNumber<99992
>>  <old xetex code>
>> \else
>>  <new xetex code>
>> \fi
> Not sure about that snippet, but I usually use the more generic:
> \ifdim\number\XeTeXversion\XeTeXrevision in<0.99992in

For five-digit revsion numbers, they are equivalent,
but if \XeTeXrevision will contain a digit more,
the latter code might fail in certain cases
due to rounding in TeX's fixed point arithmetic.
(See example below, which yields
"ifdim not less"   and  "ifnum less".)


\ifdim\number\myversion\myrevision in < 0.999992 in
ifdim less\message{^^Jifdim less^^J}\else
ifdim not less\message{^^Jifdim not less^^J}\fi


\ifnum\myrevno < 999992
ifnum less\message{^^Jifnum less^^J}\else
ifnum not less\message{^^Jifnum not less^^J}\fi


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