[XeTeX] New version of xetex

Vafa Khalighi texpersian at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 04:31:51 CEST 2014

> It should make it to TeX Live 2015 (unless there are any major issues
> that we can not fix by then, but I hope there will not be any).

Thanks. The only problem that I noticed until now is that when you use
\includegraphics in RTL, your graphics will be included twice. I have
attached a test file (test.zip).

> I suggest that the new version of bidi check the XeTeX version and only
> load those patches if it is less that 0.99993, this way it can be safely
> uploaded to CTAN and TeX Live even before 2015 release, allowing for
> easier testing by just getting the new binaries (say from tlcontrib or
> W32TeX).

That is reasonable.  I will follow your suggestion. Something like this?

  <old xetex code>
  <new xetex code>
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