[XeTeX] RTL and media9 media buttons

Karljurgen Feuerherm kfeuerherm at wlu.ca
Sat Jul 5 16:47:38 CEST 2014

Dear colleagues,

Thanks to some new features kindly provided by A. Grahn, I have been able to create PDFs whose text is associated with sound, to be played as a whole or word by word.

In the attached PDF, clicking any of the Hebrew words will play the sound for the word; pressing P in the margin will play or pause, as the case may be, and R will rewind and play the sequence of three words (which are typeset in the wrong order, I know).

This works well in LTR mode, even with \texthebrew labels (I have experimented with and without \texthebrew in the button labels).

However, trying to place \texthebrew around the buttons so that the labels will typeset in the correct order, or placing \begin{RTL} ... \end{RTL} results in "xdvipdfmx:fatal: A pending form XObject at the end of page."

Can anyone advise on how to get the text properly typeset in RTL with embedded media buttons? MWE and a working PDF are attached (compiled with the RTL lines commented out).

Many thanks,


Karljürgen G. Feuerherm, PhD | 2-139 Department of History | Wilfrid Laurier University | 75 University Avenue West | Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3C5

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