[XeTeX] Tamil unicode character not displaying correctly

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 15:48:32 CET 2014

2014-02-22 9:31 GMT+01:00 dsv <ojdfpiv at gmail.com>:
> I am using xelatex on Ubuntu (xubuntu, actually) linux to typeset a Tamil
> document. Most characters display correctly in the pdf generated by xelatex.
> The unicode consonant ஶ displays okay, but when combined with vowels, the
> display screws up. E.g. when combined with the vowel இ, I am supposed to get
> ஶி ; however, the xelatex pdf output shows ஶ◌ி ; i.e. a spurious dotted
> circle appears between the consonant and the vowel. The same combined
> character displays fine on a unicode compatible editor such as gedit. All
> consonants other than ஶ combine correctly with vowels. Moreover, I don't see
> the problem in the pdf output of xelatex on a Windows machine with Cygwin.
> There xelatex seems to do fine. It's only on *buntu linux that I see a
> problem. Any help or bug fixes are appreciated.
Can you try to remove the font from Ubuntu and install exactly the
same font used in Windows? Maybe you do not have the same version. If
it helps, the font in Ubuntu is not correct. If it does not help, it
is probably a bug in Harfbuzz. And of course, I hope you have the same
version of xetex on both platforms (TeX Live 2012 used ICU, TeX Live
2013 uses Harfbuzz, gedit probably uses pango but I am not sure).

> The latex header that I use is
> \documentclass [a4paper] {article}
> \usepackage {fontspec}
> \usepackage {xunicode}
> \setmainfont[Script=Tamil]{Lohit Tamil}
> \begin {document}
> ...
> ...
> --------------------------------------------------
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