[XeTeX] Tamil unicode character not displaying correctly

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Sat Feb 22 09:31:35 CET 2014

I am using xelatex on Ubuntu (xubuntu, actually) linux to typeset a Tamil
document. Most characters display correctly in the pdf generated by
xelatex. The unicode consonant ஶ displays okay, but when combined with
vowels, the display screws up. E.g. when combined with the vowel இ, I am
supposed to get ஶி ; however, the xelatex pdf output shows ஶ◌ி ; i.e. a
spurious dotted circle appears between the consonant and the vowel. The
same combined character displays fine on a unicode compatible editor such
as gedit. All consonants other than ஶ combine correctly with vowels.
Moreover, I don't see the problem in the pdf output of xelatex on a Windows
machine with Cygwin. There xelatex seems to do fine. It's only on *buntu
linux that I see a problem. Any help or bug fixes are appreciated.

The latex header that I use is

\documentclass [a4paper] {article}
\usepackage {fontspec}
\usepackage {xunicode}
\setmainfont[Script=Tamil]{Lohit Tamil}
\begin {document}
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