[XeTeX] wrong r+vocalic r ligature in FreeSerif font

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Thu Dec 18 15:11:10 CET 2014

Zdenek Wagner wrote:

> There is nothing wrong with the building concept. All fonts are built
> somehow.

I agree.  But in 99.999% of cases, that building is conducted by the 
font designer, developer or distributor.  The average user ("B. L. 
User", as Knuth would term him) not only does not know how to build 
fonts, he does not /want/ to know how to build fonts, since to him fonts 
are a tool, just as is (say) TeX or Adobe Reader.  He expects them to be 
distributed in a ready-to-use format, and that expectation is perfectly 
reasonable :  it is how fonts have traditionally been distributed, and 
how we may expect them to be distributed in the future.

Those that want to /build/ elements of their systems are a tiny tiny 
minority; everyone else just wants to use the system to achieve his or 
her goal.

** Phil.

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