[XeTeX] XeTeX (/not/ XeLaTeX) : Marginal kerning, font protrusion, hyperlinks

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2014-04-25 22:21 GMT+02:00 Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk>:

> David Carlisle wrote:
>  I don't see any reason to include the documentation in the xetex manual
>>   texdoc dvipdfmx
>> provides a 5 or so page tugboat article with the details, what's to be
>> gained by copying that?
>> It just duplicates the information and is only of interest to a
>> minuscule fraction of the community.
> Your average XeTeX user does not know that he or she is using
> (X)DviPdfm(x).  He (or she) knows only that they are using XeTeX
> and wishing to accomplish something that is clearly possible, since users
> of XeLaTeX already have access to that functionality (change
> of colour, embed hyperlink, whatever).  Why should it be be necessary
> for B L User to look for documentation for a driver when that driver
> comes bundled with, and is automatically invoked by, XeTeX ?  It is
> not as if XeTeX comes with a choice of driver, and each user elects
> to use the one that he or she prefers.  It is /XeTeX/ functionality
> that we are discussing; the fact that XeTeX elects to delegate
> responsibility for that task to a specific bundled driver is neither
> here nor there.

XeTeX can do via xdvipdfmx specials almost everything explained in the PDF
reference and pdfmark reference. Will you insist to include these 1000+
pages in the XeTeX manual? And how about the code below:

\bf\special{pdf: code q 2 Tr 0.4 w 0 .5 .5 .05 k 1 1 0 .1 K}Hello

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