[XeTeX] XeTeX (/not/ XeLaTeX) : Marginal kerning, font protrusion, hyperlinks

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Apr 25 22:21:57 CEST 2014

David Carlisle wrote:

> I don't see any reason to include the documentation in the xetex manual
>   texdoc dvipdfmx
> provides a 5 or so page tugboat article with the details, what's to be
> gained by copying that?
> It just duplicates the information and is only of interest to a
> minuscule fraction of the community.

Your average XeTeX user does not know that he or she is using
(X)DviPdfm(x).  He (or she) knows only that they are using XeTeX
and wishing to accomplish something that is clearly possible, since 
users of XeLaTeX already have access to that functionality (change
of colour, embed hyperlink, whatever).  Why should it be be necessary
for B L User to look for documentation for a driver when that driver
comes bundled with, and is automatically invoked by, XeTeX ?  It is
not as if XeTeX comes with a choice of driver, and each user elects
to use the one that he or she prefers.  It is /XeTeX/ functionality
that we are discussing; the fact that XeTeX elects to delegate
responsibility for that task to a specific bundled driver is neither
here nor there.

** Phil.

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