[XeTeX] XeTeX (/not/ XeLaTeX) : Marginal kerning, font protrusion, hyperlinks

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Apr 25 12:26:50 CEST 2014

Philip Taylor wrote:

> Hallo both --

[long snip]

It would also (IMHO) be very helpful to document how to create 
hyperlinks at the XeTeX primitive (\special) level; JK writes :

> IIRC, hyperlinks are handled entirely at the pdf output driver level; there are no xetex primitives involved. It's just a question of inserting appropriate \special{pdf: ...} commands.
> So try looking for dvipdfmx documentation about the \special commands it supports, and the PDF spec if you need help with the exact PDF fragments to insert. In particular, http://project.ktug.org/dvipdfmx/doc/tb94cho.pdf might be helpful.

but of course naive users (especially myself) do not think of XeTeX as 
just one element in a tool chain; they think that when they compile a 
XeTeX source document using XeTeX and a PDF is emitted, it is XeTeX that 
has done the emitting, and do not care that it has devolved some part of 
its task to (X)DVIPDFM(X).  Since (X)DVIPDFM(X) is indeed an integral 
part of the XeTeX tool chain, I think that documenting how to access its 
functionality (with particular reference to (say) hyperlinks and colour) 
would be very beneficial for XeTeX documentation overall.

** Phil.

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