[XeTeX] XeTeX : images as links

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Sep 21 08:31:34 CEST 2013

Ross Moore wrote:

> Can you post a PDF, preferably uncompressed,
> so we can look at how the hyperlink is specified.

As requested.  Below is the source.  If I use the PDF version,
all is fine; if I use the JPG version, no hyperlink (see source,
below : both versions in place, latter overrides former).

** Phil.
\catcode `\< = \catcode `\@
	\input eplain
\catcode `\< = \active
\uselanguage {UKenglish}

\setbox 0 = \vtop to 0 pt {\kern 2,5\baselineskip \XeTeXpdffile
Images/LPL-MS-1214/PDF/f1r.pdf height 0,4\vsize \vss}
\setbox 0 = \vtop to 0 pt {\kern 2,5\baselineskip \XeTeXpicfile
Images/LPL-MS-1214/JPG/f1r.jpg height 0,4\vsize \vss}

\rightline {\box 0}

\input MS-1214-V15.xml

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