[XeTeX] XeLaTeX PDF Glitch with Serbian Glyphs

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Sep 17 00:05:51 CEST 2013

Hello Alessandro,

On 17/09/2013, at 6:16, Alessandro Ceschini <alescesc1986 at yahoo.it> wrote:

> Serbian Cyrillic requires a peculiar localisation because some glyphs are different from the standard. The PDF produced by XeLaTeX however must have some glitch because if I try copy/paste from it to another document the characters affected by Serbian localisation simply disappear :-\ ! This doesn't happen with PDF produced by LibreOffice 4.1, which now supports OpenType and therefore localised glyphs: characters are correctly copied, and even if the recipient program doesn't support OpenType, then standard glyphs are displayed.

Please attach PDFs which show the non-standard glyphs, produced by different means,
and one or more screenshots which show the poor results you are getting with different applications. Otherwise it is very hard to understand just what is the problem,
and impossible to advise of a fix or workaround.

It sounds like you have a font that provides alternative glyphs for some code-points.
When you do Copy/Paste from the PDF, you are extracting only the code-point, not the glyph itself, nor the font that it came from. Hence you would get only the standard glyph showing in the result, since whatever system font is being used does not have the special variant available.
Some software may allow a Rich-Text Copy/Paste, which might carry the extra font information.

With some examples, people on this list can test other software applications or check exactly what is contained within the PDFs.
It may well be that an  /ActualText  entry is what you need.

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> Alessandro Ceschini

Hope this helps,

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