[XeTeX] including page 1 of a one page .pdf different from the base file?

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Oct 23 14:56:56 CEST 2013

William Adams wrote:

> kind of odd that the primitive's functionality isn't as functional,
> and I wonder how they worked around this limitation (bug?).

Strangely enough, I was wondering why you /didn't/ test using the
primitives.  As I lacked your test file, I was unable to do so,
but I would have re-expressed :

> \savebox\elementpage{\XeTeXpdffile"HEIelements.pdf"}         % == 650.43pt (correct)
> \savebox\elementpage{\XeTeXpdffile"HEIelements.pdf" [page 1]}% ==684.31895 (wrong?!)
> \settowidth{\elementpagewidth}{\usebox{\elementpage}}
> \the\elementpagewidth


\setbox 0 = \hbox {\XeTeXpdffile HEIelements.pdf}
\setbox 2 = \hbox {\XeTeXpdffile HEIelements.pdf page 1}


As it is, you have a lot of intermediate-level LaTeX that
could be screwing things up ...

Philip Taylor

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