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2013/11/15 Michael Manthey <mikel.mathey at gmail.com>:
> Dear XeTeX -
> I asked this question at wiki-lyx, but have received no response after
> two weeks. XeTeX seems the next logical place to ask:
>    What do I do to get arXiv.org to accept TeX output from LyX, for
> example, XeTeX ?
> I'm surprised that no one seems to have encountered this problem.
> Namely, that the only Lyx output that arXiv.org will accept is html
> (plus some hand tuning).
Wikipedia says on arXiv:
Papers can be submitted in any of several formats, including LaTeX,
and PDF printed from a word processor other than TeX or LaTeX. The
submission is rejected by the arXiv software if generating the final
PDF file fails, if any image file is too large, or if the total size
of the submission is too large.

The arXiv submission instructions say:

Formats for text of submission

Your submission to the archive must be in one of the following formats
(listed in order of preference):

HTML with JPEG/PNG/GIF images

Our goal is to store articles in formats which are highly portable and
stable over time. Currently, the best choice is TeX/LaTeX, because
this open format does not hide information. Note that for this and
other reasons we will not accept dvi, PS, or PDF created from
TeX/LaTeX source. Users of word processors such as Microsoft Word
(versions prior to Word 2007) should save their documents as PDF and
submit that. Note also that we will not accept scanned documents,
regardless of format.

None of them says anything about Xe(La)TeX.

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