[XeTeX] Malayalam typesetting using XeLaTeX

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Thu Nov 14 14:18:01 CET 2013

On Nov 13, 2013, at 8:11 PM, NMPOST7 <nmpost7 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 14/11/2013 02:59, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> You can use the TeX Live Utility to change the default page type. 
> Thank you Herb, I have finished the intallation. Which utility do you mean?
> In my Uitilites (Tex/Utilitis) there are no utitilies included. do I need to
> install them from somewhere?
> Best regards
> Suren


Hmmm... you are using OS X 10.5...

Look in the mactex/Extras/Utilities folder on the DVD. You should find a directory with TeX Live Utility and there should be a version in a sub-directory that works with OS X 10.5.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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