[XeTeX] M'aidez, SVP : ** WARNING ** Version of PDF file (1.6) is newer than version limit specification.

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Mon Nov 4 10:27:12 CET 2013

Am Sun, 3 Nov 2013 19:41:10 +0000 schrieb Philip Taylor:

> Ulrike Fischer wrote:
>> Well you should know by now that is it difficult to analyse a
>> problem if there is no minimal example (including one of the
>> problematic pdf). 
> As requested :
> \XeTeXpdffile MS-1214.pdf
> \end
> MS-1214.pdf attached.

I can confirm that is doesn't work with xelatex with V6 or V7. 
You will have to make a bug report/feature request. 

With V5 I get a warning but the image is included.

With pdf(la)tex and lua(la)tex I can include the image without
problems and without warning if I set \pdfminorversion=6. I can also
include the created pdf without problems in a xetex document.

Ulrike Fischer 

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