[XeTeX] cannot produce labels with non-Latin text when using asymptote with polyglossia, and xelatex

Kamal Abdali k.abdali at acm.org
Sat May 18 01:01:47 CEST 2013

I  am having problems trying to produce labels containing non-Latin text by
the Asymptote program. (Not having gotten any help so far from the
Asymptote help forum,) I'm trying my luck here, since the problem also
involves xetex and polyglossia

For putting Arabic script text in labels, Asymptote works well with
arabtex+latex calls. But because of some arabtex limitations, I am trying
to use asymptote with the polyglossia+xelatex combination. Here is my
problematic foo.asy code, run via
asy -tex xelatex foo.asy

New Roman}");
//import unicode; //Not needed since polyglossia works with utf8
pair A=(0,5);
label("${abcd}$",A,N); // Latin text displays OK
//label("$\texturdu{ابجد}$",A,S); // program fails when this line is

I'm getting all sort of error messages. The arabxeteX+xelatex combination
produces similar errors. The trouble seems to be in Asymptote's handling of
non-Latin text in xelatex.
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