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Jens Bakker jbakker at uni-bonn.de
Mon May 13 00:55:46 CEST 2013

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sorry, once again I would like to approach you with a problem, please: In order to reproduce the original footnote numbering of an Arabic text edition, I have defined two footnote layers by manyfoot; the first, A, has no automatic footnote numbering in order to write for each footnote of the original the original numbering of the older text edition as for example 2/3 which means the second page, the third footnote, as a footnote mark.
The second footnote, B, is defined as a parallel footnote with automatic footnote numbering per page and with letters as footnote marks. This second footnote level should contain textcritical remarks to both, the main text and the footnotes of level A.
Now there are surfacing some problems (please see the attached files):

Some pages are not set correctly, for example p.4 contains only a very small amount of text, the rest is left blank. On p.6 a relatively large vertical space is left blank.

If I want to refer to words in the first footnote level with footnotes of the second level, I have to use the commands \FootnotemarkB at the appropriate place within the respective footnote of the first level and \FootnotetextB{} immediately after the end of it. Then the footnote marks of the second footnote level within the respective footnote of the first level are numbered automatically in the correct order, but the footnote marks of the footnotes of the second level itself have only one and the same footnote mark. See for example p.5,6.

On page 7: the second footnote (the footnote after footnote 22/3) which is a note of the second level and is referring to the word before the last word of the main text is moved to p.8. There it is the 12th footnote in the second level and has the same numbering as all the other eleven footnotes of the same level before on that page. All these eleven footnotes of the second level, except the last one, are referring to words of footnote 22/3 on page 7. The last one of these eleven is referring to a word of the part of the text of footnote 22/3 which is on p.8.
The twelfth footnote is followed by another footnote of the second level which is referring to a word in the second paragraph of the main text of p.8, and has the same numbering also. The footnote that follows then in this level has another numbering, that means the letter which follows in alphabetical order the letter which is employed in all the thirteen footnotes before.
The only footnote of the second level that appears on page 7 is the first one that refers to a word in the footnote 22/3 (the forth word in the forth line of that footnote).

On page 9, the footnote 25/1 which belongs to the first level and is the first in the last line of the main text, is transferred to p.10, and the second part of the text of this footnote appears at the beginning of the footnotes of page 9. That means that footnote 25/1 is split into two parts of which its second part appears even before the footnotes 24/1 and 24/2 on page 9, while there should be first the text of footnote 24/1, then of footnote 24/2 and then of footnote 25/1. I have indicated the place where footnote 25/1 is split in the source file.

Has anybody a solution to this kind of problems?

With best wishes and best regards,
Jens Bakker

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