[XeTeX] longtable and RTL (Arabic)

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Wed May 1 13:46:24 CEST 2013

This isn't really the right list for latex package interaction probably but
the situation is I think that \footnotetextB and friends work fine in l r
or c columns (so the second column in your example)  If I use the code
below I get footnotes bb ww and zz at the bottom of the page (sorry I added
some latin letters to give my eyes something to focus on:-). Footnotes in p
columns get lost (which is the default behaviour for tex footnotes inside a
box) so footnote aa from \footnoteB is lost.

longtable has some extra code to "lift" footnotes out of the p-column box
but it doesn't see the \footnoteB variant.  It's arguable whether it should
be longtable or manyfoot package that supplies the needed glue. However
that does mean I think that a workaround that doesn't involve splitting the
table is to use footnotemarkB in p columns and then use \footnotetextB in
any l column entry on the same row.

This will be a general issue with manyfoot footnotes, unrelated to use of
arabic text or xetex.


aa\footnoteB{aaفي المتن: "كشفى".}%
bb\footnote{bbفي المتن: "كشفى".}%
 & ٣٩
zz\footnotetextB{zzفي المتن: "كشفى".}%
ww\footnote{wwفي المتن: "كشفى".}text%
%in the line before a FootnoteB is inserted by the commands
\FootnotemarkB\FootnotetextB{}, and a footnotemark appears in the text but
the text of the footnote is not displayed at the foot of the page.
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