[XeTeX] Bug or design flaw in Polyglossia 2012/04/29 v1.2.1

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sat Mar 30 23:17:04 CET 2013

Am 30.03.2013 um 22:15 schrieb Ian-Mathew Hornburg:

> \latinfont will likely attempt to select a font set up for the actual
> Latin language, since that’s a language supported by polyglossia.
> \begin{english} / \textenglish{} / etc. is gonna be what you want, per
> the polyglossia documentation.

I think this is simpler:

	\newfontfamily\latinfont{Minion Pro}
	\n=`\ം \loop \XeTeXcharclass \n=4 \ifnum\n<`\ൿ \advance\n by 1 \repeat
	\XeTeXinterchartoks   0 4 {\malayalamfont}
	\XeTeXinterchartoks 255 4 {\malayalamfont}
	\XeTeXinterchartoks 255 0 {\latinfont}
	\XeTeXinterchartoks   4 0 {\latinfont}

Well, here in Apple's Mail.app I cannot see the characters from which the loop starts (\n=`\ം) and where it ends (\n<`\ൿ). They are from MALAYALAM SIGN ANUSVARA, U+0D02, until MALAYALAM LETTER CHILLU K, U+0D7F.



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