[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.9999.1 released

Dohyun Kim nomosnomos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 11:52:30 CET 2013

Attached is my tex file for test.  "Adobe Myungjo Std" used in this
file is a font bundled with Korean version of Adobe Reader.  If you do
not have this font, replace it with any other cjk font which has vrt2
feature, such as Kozuka Mincho.


2013/3/28 Khaled Hosny <khaledhosny at eglug.org>:
> On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 10:29:35AM +0900, Dohyun Kim wrote:
>> Hi,
>> "vertical" option of XeTeX 0.9999 is currently broken.  Applying
>> attached patch seems to make it work better, though I know almost
>> nothing about C language.
> I appreaciate if you have test files for me to try, I had hard time
> figuring how to test this since most CJK fonts that I have give funny
> results even with old XeTeX.
> Regards,
>> Still, some issue remains.  Especially vertical gpos feature, for
>> instance +vhal option, does not work correctly.  Though vhal feature
>> should decrease the glyph advance, current XeTeX increases it instead.
>>  Harfbuzz, on the other hand, works correctly.  I could not figure out
>> where this problem comes from.
> Tests for this are welcome, too.
> Regards,
> Khaled
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Dohyun Kim
College of Law, Dongguk University
Seoul, Republic of Korea
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