[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.9999.1 released

Khaled Hosny khaledhosny at eglug.org
Fri Mar 22 10:00:17 CET 2013

Hi all,

I have just uploaded a second beta release of 0.9999.x series.

The archive can be downloaded from SourceForge page:


This is a bug fix release, fixing some of the bugs found in the previous
beta. There are no pre-built binaries right now, but they should be
available from TLContrib shortly.

Main changes in this release:

* Fix loading font files on PPC Mac OS 10.5 (and potentially other versions of

* Fix handling of ‘script’ and ‘language’ font options to be treated again as
  OpenType not ISO tags, so that passing version 2 Indic script tags works
  (though this is generally not needed as HarfBuzz will always use version 2
  shaping if the font has it, regardless of the tag used).

* Fix loading JPEG images that do not specify a resolution.

* When printing multi-byte characters to log or terminal avoid inserting new
  lines in the middle of the characters, and count the characters not the bytes
  when calculating line length.

* Update to HarfBuzz 0.9.14, a couple of Indic and Hangul shaping bugs.

* Speed up calculating glyph widths in native font.

* Don’t crash when /tmp is full.


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