[XeTeX] no sukun for some words with arabxetex

Jens Bakker jbakker at uni-bonn.de
Mon Mar 11 13:15:05 CET 2013

Dear drrd and dear Juan Acevedo,

Your solution, Juan Avecedo, works very fine, the only disadvantage seems to be, that it does not display a sukun if one should want to place it on a ya or a waw, and if the brackets are applied before the last consonant of the word and there is following a tanwin, the tanwin is not displayed (see the last word ra'{su}N in the line before the last line).

What do you think of defining a new command: \newcommand{\suk}{\char"0652} to force the sukun to appear. The disadvantage then is, that the sukuns do not disappear if you do not want to have them and choose voc or novoc as options to achieve the disappearance of the sukuns, then you have to delete them manually.

Please see the modified sample of drrd.

With best wishes and best regards,
Jens Bakker







`an\suk waTaN, na.hwa, tamwI\suk lu

ra'\suk suN ru'UsuN ru'U\suk suN

`an{wa}TaN, na.h{wa}, tam{wI}lu ra'{su}N

ra'\suk suN ru'UsuN ru'U\suk suN


Am 11.03.2013 um 12:35 schrieb Juan Acevedo:

> Dear drrd,
> This doesn't fix the bug, but in the meantime, if you write your sample text like this:
> `an{wa}TaN, na.h{wa}, tam{wI}lu
> adding braces around the waw, then you should get the expected sukuns. 
> Servus,
> Juan
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