[XeTeX] Small caps not working consistently in TeX Live 2013

Lammert, Richard richard.lammert at ctsfw.edu
Sat Jun 29 02:32:24 CEST 2013

\scshape is not working for me for some fonts in TeX Live 2013. The
following minimal example does not produce small caps with XeTeX, Version
3.1415926-2.5-0.9999.3 (TeX Live 2013) and fontspec v2.3c:


  \newfontfamily\mytextfont{Charis SIL}

  T{\scshape his sentence shows that scshape} does not, in fact, produce
small capitals.

With the font Linux Libertine O, on the other hand, small caps *are*
produced. TeX Live 2013 produces the same results with \textsc used instead
of \scshape.

However, with XeTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.4-0.9998 (TeX Live 2012) and
fontspec v2.3a, the example produces small caps with either Charis SIL or
Linux Libertine O, as expected.

I am running on an iMac with Mac OS 10.7.5 (with TeX installed with the
MacTeX packages), with Charis SIL version 4.110. I do not know if this is a
bug in XeTeX, fontspec, or Charis SIL (or my XeTeX skills).

Richard Lammert
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