[XeTeX] xelatex error: The font "Code2000" cannot be found.

Wilfred van Rooijen wvanrooijen at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 29 01:47:15 CEST 2013

Hi all,

> By default, LaTeX will set text in Computer Modern Roman.  This is

> clearly what Peng Yu means by LaTeX's English font.  If he is now

I thought Computer Modern Roman was superseded my Latin Modern but I may be wrong.

If this user has a "Chinese" OS installation on his computer then several Chinese fonts should be available. Can you check MS Word on the computer (if installed). If MS Word has chinese fonts, then xelatex can also use those fonts.

If the text is mostly English with small amounts of Greek and Chinese, then take a look at the manual of the fontspec package (look for "fontspec" in your latex installation). You can use the \newfont option to make a \greekfont and a \chinesefont and then you can do \greekfont{this is some material in greek letters}.

Another trick is to use XeTeXinterchartoks to automatically switch. Check google for examples (simply seach for the word XeTeXinterchartoks).

As a side note, the Code2000 font is quite old, and there are newer versions. The Code2000 font was developed originally as a "universal font" for Netscape, i.e. a font that could show all material that could be found on the internet. The font is very complete (it has glyphs for many languages and alphabets) but it is not very pretty. For any "real" published material, I'd recommend switching to other fonts, especially of you only 2 or 3 alphabets in one publication.


> typesetting in Code2000, then of course the English characters will
> no longer appear in Computer Modern Roman.  It would therefore seem
> to me (as a non-LaTeX-user) that he will need to take advantage of
> either a LaTeX feature or a LaTeX package of which I am unaware that
> will allow him to typeset Greek & Chinese in Code2000 whilst continuing
> to typeset English in Computer Modern Roman.  I am sure a LaTeX
> aficionado can advise him how best to accomplish this.
> Philip Taylor
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