[XeTeX] Latin Modern, from TFM to Unicode

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Tue Jun 11 21:14:41 CEST 2013

>                                                        A separate 
> question: I wasn't aware that an OpenType font even knew anything about 
> official Unicode code point names, so how does FontBook know which glyphs 
> have Unicode names and which ones don't??

  There is nothing in OpenType about Unicode names.  FontBook -- I'm
guessing -- simply shows you the names for those glyphs that have a
Unicode code point.  There is a bijection between code points and names.

> With regards to the OpenType font "latinmodern-math.otf" that I've 
> installed, I desire to know, for all 128 glyph metrics represented by 
> "lmex10.tfm", what the official Unicode character code points are for the 
> glyphs that have those metrics in that TFM file.

  Some glyphs don't have a Unicode code point.  Unicode encodes
characters, not glyphs, and in some cases the glyphs you see in a font
do not correspond to any character.  This is in particular the case for
those glyphs that you see in Latin Modern Math.

  These glyphs or part or glyphs can probably be mapped one-to-one to
font slots in the original lmex10, but that does not make them


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