[XeTeX] Basic CJK support in Polyglossia

Hans Schmidt hans.schmidt.5 at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 17:49:35 CET 2013


I know that sophisticated CJK support is quite a challenge and that it 
is not easily achievable.
I wonder if it is possible to include basic CJK support in Polyglossia, 

What I had in mind:

1. Offering \begin{chinese/japanese/korean} and 
2. When enabled, load the line break patterns that you get at least a 
line break.
3. Loading the xeCJK and/or ctex packages which will provide some 
spacing and other options.
4. Set a larger line spacing for a complete paragraph.
(5. Load a default font.)

I know that with the current packages it is not possible to write a good 
complete CJK text, but currently, it is quite cumbersome to set 
everything for yourself, if you just want to insert some words or a 
small paragraph in Japanese: \newcommand for a Japanese environment, the 
line break option, the font, spacing between latin and CJK text etc. 
Even if I know how to do it, it would be much nicer if this would be set 
in Polyglossia. Thats what that package is for, isn’t it?

Polyglossia has support for almost any language, so I wonder why not 
CJK. Isn’t it possible to at least insert the easy, already supported 
things into Polyglossia?


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