[XeTeX] \meaning on a \csname \let to a character

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 22:31:36 CET 2013

>> (in which case the number is just there explicitly)
>> is it just a function of the Unicode range?
> When x >= 0x10000 (i.e. outside BMP).

Guessed as much, thanks. Although thinking about it a bit more it
doesn't really help knowing that as I need to parse out past "number"
before I know what the number is which means parsing of \meaning is
going to be a bit more complicated in all cases, but I suppose it's
not too bad

instead of simply

\def\bm at getcharcode#1 #2 {`}

I think I can do

\def\bm at getcharcode#1 #2 #3#4{\if u#4\expandafter\@gobblefour\else`#3#4\fi}

which I think should work for luatex and xetex:

\def\a{the letter z}
\def\b{the letter number "10000}

\count@\expandafter\bm at getcharcode\a\relax

\count@\expandafter\bm at getcharcode\b\relax


> 122.
l.11 \showthe\count@

> 65536.
l.15 \showthe\count@


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