[XeTeX] xetex to rft/odt/docx…

damien.thiriet77 at laposte.net damien.thiriet77 at laposte.net
Tue Dec 10 23:04:17 CET 2013


What converter to rtf, odt or docx do you use from xelatex? As far as I remember, latex2rtf does not recognize xetex specific packages. I read on the web, that tex4ht had troubles with fontspec. Did you test pandoc?

I could of course switch to pure latex and parse it with latex2rtf, since I do not use biblatex for this article, which is luckily not multilingual. I would however prefer not to rewrite all my \XeTeXpicfile macro…

Thanks for your hints,

Damien Thiriet

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