[XeTeX] bold small caps, but no regular small caps

maxwell maxwell at umiacs.umd.edu
Fri Aug 2 16:49:57 CEST 2013

On 2013-08-02 10:38, Lorna Evans wrote:
>> In my case (I'm the OP), the problem indeed turned out to
>> be with my font files--I had two versions of the CharisSIL
>> font files, with slightly different names.  Apparently it
>> (Cygwin, and therefore XeLaTeX) was picking up the older
>> ones, which were known to have issues with small caps.
>> I imagine this problem could occur in other OSs, since
>> the font file naming issue would affect those systems too.
> Most OSes use installed fonts so they wouldn't have this problem. This
> is because XeTeX (and XeLaTeX) give the facility to point at a
> particular physical font that may not even be "installed". In this
> case it apparently just chose the first one it found.

Cygwin is a sort of *nix implementation that runs in Windows.  I believe 
it's picking up the system fonts, which in this case are the installed 
Windows fonts plus any extra fonts specified in /etc/fonts/local.conf.  
The problem occurred at the Windows level: both versions of the 
CharisSIL font were _installed_.  I believe this happened because of the 
file name change at some point: the older font files had names like 
CharisSIL-R.ttf, and the newer ones had names like CharisSILR.ttf (or 
something like that--I'm not on that computer now).  So Windows happily 
installed both versions of this font in C:\Windows\Fonts\, because the 
two versions had different file names.

    Mike Maxwell

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