[XeTeX] bold small caps, but no regular small caps

Georg Duffner g.duffner at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 12:40:28 CEST 2013

Am 01.08.2013 13:24, schrieb Khaled Hosny:
> On Thu, Aug 01, 2013 at 12:06:43PM +0200, Georg Duffner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> XeTeX’s behaviour in this case is mysterious.
>> I tried Mike’s original tex file and got no smallcaps at all. After
>> updating Charis to 4.114 (from 4.106) I got the same behaviour as
>> him: no smallcaps with regular but with bold yes. When I tried again
>> today, there are no smallcaps at all – I suppose, after the update
>> on monday, the old version stayed in the cache and confused XeTeX’s
>> rendering choice(?), while today the cache was rebuilt without the
>> old files, thus XeTeX stays with graphite.
> No idea, but having suffered from mysterious Windows font installation
> issues before (not with XeTeX), I’ve learned to delete the existing
> font(s) before installing a new version.

I tried to reproduce the above behaviour by deleting and adding 
different versions – without success.

>> Now, if I extend Mike’s original example by italics (see below),
>> things get weirder: what is expected to be italic smallcaps is
>> rendered upright (see attachment). Is this another bug in XeTeX?
> No idea, here I get no smallcaps at all on the first line, and proper
> smallcaps on the second one, so it seems another manifestation of the
> confusion caused by installing multiple font versions. May be we should
> give priority to fonts with higher version numbers in case of
> duplicates, though I’m not sure if this would help the Windows issue.
> Can you attach the XDV files from your example, by using --no-pdf option
> (which reminds me to finish XDV support in dviasm and publish it so
> people can examine XDV files themselves).


>> And just to make sure that I understand correctly,
>> \addfontfeature{RawFeature=+smcp} as in the second line does work as
>> expected, because the graphite feature in this case is named "smcp"
>> like the OT feature?
> Yes (fontspec fails because it first checks if the font supports the
> given feature and if not it removes it from font definition, and since
> it is looking for OpenType features it finds none when Graphite shaper
> is used).

Ok. The graphite tag for smallcaps in Charis has been changed to smcp 
with v4.112, before it was "1058". Shouldn’t the older versions show 
smallcaps with \addfontfeature{RawFeature=+1058}?

Best regards,
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