[XeTeX] Difference in typesetting persian in v0.9998 (or v0.9997.5) and v0.9999.2 of xetex

Persian TeX Group persian-tex at tug.org
Fri Apr 12 13:59:25 CEST 2013


We get completely two different results with v0.9998 (or v0.9997.5) and
v0.9999.2 of xetex for the following documents. Why?

If it helps, with v0.9998 (or v0.9997.5) of xetex, in the log, you see

character with height greater baselineskip found in font
baselineskip changed to 1.5 of that height!

but with v0.9999.2 of xetex, there is no such thing.

(This is a test that picinpar package does). Perhaps we could make a more
minimal example.

Sincerely yours,
Persian TeX Group
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