[XeTeX] possible conflict between polyglossia and beamer

damien.thiriet77 damien.thiriet77 at laposte.net
Sun Nov 25 16:50:40 CET 2012


I have an issue with beamer and xelatex: it looks as if polyglossia is in conflict with the serif beamer theme rules.

If I set a document:

some text

Everything works as it should, I have got a serif font. However, as soon as I enter polyglossia language for exemple \setdefaultlanguage{polish}, the \usefonttheme{serif} option is ignored. Defining \setmainfont won’t change anything (I tried with different font families, without any effect on my slides) but \setsansfont changes sans font families (I checked it switching to \usefonttheme{default}). Maybe beamer themes are linked to babel?

This is very frustrating: I have been spending my afternoon reading fontspec manual, and I cannot use this beautiful toy;-)

Damien Thiriet

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