[XeTeX] Is there an "include" difference between 0.9996 and -0.9998?

Mike "Pomax" Kamermans pomax at nihongoresources.com
Fri Nov 23 03:56:07 CET 2012

Hi all,

I'm rerunning a xelatex job from about 2 years ago with a new install of 
Xe(La)TeX, and am seeing requirements warnings caused by my .sty files 
that I didn't get when I ran this 2 years ago; I have the following file 

./texated.tex (uses package includes/iroha)
./includes/iroha.sty (requires package vertical)

and texated.tex has a \usepackage{includes/iroha}, which calls up the 
correct file, then throws a warning that the package provides "iroha" 
rather than "includes/iroha" (if there's a way to resolve that, do let 
me know), and then dies because iroha.sty has a 
\RequirePackage{vertical}, which it tries to resolve based on the 
texated.tex dir, rather than the directory for iroha.sty...

This used to compile without complaint, so I'm wondering if the newer 
version of XeLaTeX has a different way of determining paths... what is 
the current recommended way to make these inclusions work without 
putting the .sty files in the same list as properly installed packages? 
(they're definitely not, I don't want them anywhere near that list =) 
and the base dir sees a decent amount of transient files, so I want them 
in the includes dir along with preamble/postamble files and other bits 
and pieces that are bolted onto the raw data to produce the master 
texated.tex file)

- Mike "Pomax" Kamermans

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