[XeTeX] arabxetex and transliteration

Jens Bakker jbakker at uni-bonn.de
Sun Nov 11 22:22:51 CET 2012

Dear Robert Alessi,

I suppose you would like to write "the second discussion" which has to be translitterated al-ḥiwāru ṯ-ṯānī – with a macron on the last i only, because "second" in Arabic is ending in a long i only (corresponding to a assumed iyu for the nominative or iyi for the genitive). So may be you try something like _t_tAnI (with capital i in the end) or _t_tAniy in your ArabXeteX input.
It seems to me that sometimes one has to try some different possibilities until getting the expected output in ArabXeteX.

With best wishes and best regards,
Jens Bakker

Am 11.11.2012 um 14:41 schrieb Robert Alessi:

> Hi all,
> I am about to start typesetting a critical edition of a Greek text which also has
> a strong Arabic tradition.  Many Arabic variants from the manuscripts will be included
> in my apparatus.
> To typeset Arabic, I am have been using for a couple of years arabxetex package.
> But to date, I do not know yet whether I have to typeset Arabic in transliteration or not,
> as this decison  is up to the publisher.  So I decided to use arabxetex with ArabTeX
> input convention, which is the recommended way by the author of arabxetex.
> Everything is fine, apart from two or three unexpected results which I get with the
> "trans" option of arabxetex package.
> Here is what I have put in the preamble:
> ----------
> \newfontfamily\arabicfont[Script=Arabic]{Amiri}
> \usepackage[voc]{arabxetex}
> \SetTranslitConvention{dmg}
> \newcommand{\ta}{\textarab}
> \catcode`_=11 % for ^ and _ must not be active in the footnotes.
> \catcode`^=11
> ----------
> Then, in the document itself, whereas for example:
> ----------
> \ta{al-.hiwAru 'l-_t_tAniyyu}
> ----------
> results in: الحِوَارُ ٱلثَّانِيُّ as expected, the "trans" option of arabxetex package gives:
> "al-ḥiwāru l-ṯṯānīyyu", instead of the expected: "al-ḥiwāru al-ṯāniyyu" or "al-ḥiwāru aṯ-ṯāniyyu".
> Basically, which is wrong in the sequence I get is "l-ṯṯ" for the article preceding a solar letter and "ī" instead
> of "i" for the "kasra" below nūn in the second word.
> Does anyone have an idea about this problem? Am I missing something?
> Many thanks in anticipation!
> Robert
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