[XeTeX] babel and sanskrit (again) and related questions

François Patte francois.patte at mi.parisdescartes.fr
Tue Nov 6 10:46:54 CET 2012

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I just discovered that babel is working well with sanskrit! Only one file
is missing: sanskrit.ldf. I made an (ugly) hack of english.ldf and any
text after \selectlanguage{sanskrit} is correctly hyphenated (both
scripts: roman tranliteration and devanagari).


1- Will it be possible to have an "official" sanskrit.ldf, correctly
adapted to sanskrit?

2- As the file  hyph-sa.tex which gives the hyphenation patterns can be
used for many scripts: roman, devanagari, bengali, kannada.... Is it
possible to build only one sankrit.ldf file for all these scripts?

3- Is it possible to include in this file some commands like
\catcode`\~=12 which is necessary to use Velthuis-sanskrit mapping? Of
course this change to the catcode should be active only in Sanskrit
texts! BTW with this change to the catcode of "~", hard space is lost;
is it possible to have another character usable as hard space in
Velthuis Sanskrit texts?

4- Writing a Devanagari text using Velthuis mapping or RomDev mapping
produces a very compact text and a change to the baseline skip should be
necessary (scaled to 1.25 at least...); is this change can be include
somewhere or is there something to change in the font itself?

Best regards.
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