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Respected Sir,

 Could you help me with the following question.

How do I produce the vedic, anudatta and udatta via XeTeX. The one in this
links gives


The normal Sanskrit compilation works but the vedic accents if compiled
with similar commands doesn't work.

> - Does anyone how we can work with XeTeX for typesetting Vedic Mantras or







    \framebox[3.2cm][s]{.o ga.ne"saaya nama.h}

> The above command works perfectly for non-vedic sanskrit, but once I
start using udatta and anudatta it doesn't work at all. Any help


समृद्धकामो हिनो वा नारायणपरो मुनि:।
नोत्सर्पेत न शुष्येत सरिद्भिरिव सागर​: ॥
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