[XeTeX] XeLaTeX and SIunitx

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Mon May 14 21:46:03 CEST 2012

On 14/05/2012 20:38, Tobias Schoel wrote:
> If I understand you correctly, there are two ways, in which this
> could/should be solved on package level:
> 1. siunitx gets an option / command whatever, which does approximately:
> \ifxetex\input{other file which can include suitable unicode symbols}\fi
> 2. a new package "xesiunitx" is created, which does approximately:
> \usepackage{siunitx}
> \sisetup{definitions using suitable unicode symbols, depending on
> package option}
> or
> \usepackage{siunitx}
> \testiffonthassymbols
> \sisetup{definitions using suitable unicode symbols}
> \else
> \sisetup{some other helpful definitions}
> \fi

As I've tried to explain, there are simply too many possible
combinations to cover things for XeTeX and LuaTeX users without them
actually checking the settings they use. The best that I can do even
with pdfTeX is provide some sensible defaults, and even there there are
failure cases (for a start, any 'non-standard' font packages may well
fail to give good output).

My current approach is to be honest with XeTeX/LuaTeX users and say
'look, you are going to have to check that the font you've chosen to use
has the correct symbols available'. I am happy to consider changes, but
what I don't want to do is give the impression that it's possible to do
all of this automatically: that is not what I've found.
Joseph Wright

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