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John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
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I think it's arrogant in the strict sense that you arrogate to yourself the 
right to tell others what tasks they should or should not be engaging in, 
and you characterize the activity of those persisting in the tasks you would 
like to prohibit as 'stupid' (as in your most recent contribution).  I know 
that it was naive of the generation before mine to think that a successfully 
fought world war would put an end to this kind of controlling attitude, 
which is regrettably as prevalent today as it ever was, but I would have 
hoped to avoid encountering it in a TeX forum!


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>> Telling other people what they should maintain and what they *must* 
>> abandon
>> feels very arrogant. Why should a certain A.S. decide what is worth the 
>> effort
>> and what is not?
> Arrogant in what way? Have you ever tried to compile the TeX tree? In many
> cases people have to invent stupid patches just to support an almost
> useless program in a modern computing environment. As about the rest, I
> will not make any comment.
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