[XeTeX] xetex can't find font

Orm Finnendahl o.finnendahl at inm.mh-freiburg.de
Sat Mar 31 18:19:50 CEST 2012


 thanks for the help. I wasn't aware of xetex's capabilities to use
systemwide installed fonts. Including them like this works ootb (I
already had these fonts installed):

\font\rm="ScalaSans-Regular" at 14 pt \rm Hello World!

There is one drawback though: I have generated all kinds of virtual
fonts, a fake SmallCaps font etc. All tfm, vf, afm files in all kinds
of different encodings are in their respective folders (and they are
all found with kpsewhich). As I'm using them for years now I really
would like to get it working in xetex with TeX's default mechanism
(the main reason for the switch to xetex is its utf-8
support). Otherwise I'd be stuck with the supplied PostScript fonts

If xetex is capable of using kpathsea, is there a way to debug the
problem by finding, which part of the program is stuck where?


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